LD Smart eco-friendly laser engraving machine
Product application
◆Eco-friendly: The dust and exhaust gas generated during the processing could be safely disposed, so that 
reducing the emission of them. 
◆Smart: Equipped with full touch screen, and user-friendly operation interface, the machine could monitor the 
processing status automatically. 
◆Convenient: The processing materials could be cut, engraved, cleaned and blow-dried automatically, without 
any manual operation. 
◆Delicate: Designed in the integrated structure, the machine takes much less space. 
◆Specialized: The machine installs professional engraving control system for multiple and varied engraving 
Related parameters
TYPE LD-0906 LD-1309
Size 900mmX600mm 1300mmX900mm
Laser Power 90W,120W
Engraving Scanning Speed 25-25000mm/min
Cutting Speed 25-5000mm/min
Smallest Character Engraving Character2.0mm×2.0mm,English1.0mm×1.0mm
Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
Envelope line cutting Yes
Supported File Format DST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AI
Slope Engraving Yes,360°slope can be designed easily
Color Separation reaches 256 colors to cut
Dimensions(mm) 1700X880X1870 2090X900X1905
Power 2000W 2200W
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