The new brand AWNP-G industrial head series of automatic version of the digital printing press
2017 China International Corrugated Exhibition, 2017 China International Folding Show, 2017 China Packaging Container Exhibition, on April 11 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center grand opening, Zhejiang radium Peng Technology Co., Ltd. (Bo industry laser digital division) as in the country (2008) began to develop a digital printing presses specializing in intelligent printing equipment, intelligent digital inkjet equipment, 3D printing equipment, laser equipment and optical mechanical and electrical integration equipment, technology research and development, manufacturing, sales and service Of the high-tech enterprises, for many exhibitors to bring the AWNP-G industrial first series of automatic digital version of the printing press, LH series of intelligent graphics on the one machine, laser engraving machine and other intelligent equipment. Show good results! AWNP-G industrial head series of automatic version of the digital printing presses with its large color continuous printing good stability, and constantly ink (jet printing waterproof), the machine carrying long-life maintenance-free steel-grade industrial grade nozzle The aircraft and the common maintenance on the market a little carelessly caused by the inkjet inkjet non-industrial nozzle system of digital machines in stark contrast), during the exhibition by the industry users, experts favor and praise.

    The exhibition site to get from Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, Australia and many domestic carton users of multiple orders. Raipeng technology will continue to uphold the technical innovation and service users business philosophy for the industry to provide users with more cost-effective digital presses, while the Epson Sprayer old system users before the equipment to the price of the first industrial system to upgrade the system.

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