Radium Peng G series of digital printing press through the internal acceptance
After several years of continuous development of the R & D team, the G series (AWNP4G-2534) has been successfully passed through the company's internal project review and performance acceptance.
    The G series digital machine from the overall structure design, nozzle selection and control systems have a great breakthrough and improvement, reliability and durability until the effective upgrade. Completely changed the past, ordinary piezoelectric nozzle digital printing equipment, printing and printing poor stability and nozzle, ink routine maintenance and other complex defects.
The G-series digital machine selected the world's highest nozzle technology today's Japan Ricoh industrial grade nozzle, corrosion-resistant, all-metal ink supply channel, with a single head with 1280 nozzles and has a maximum resolution of 600dpi, nozzle life up to 100 billion The Up to eight grayscale color performance stronger. Sprinkler comes with positioning pin, easy installation and maintenance. Controllable dot size, 7 ~ 35pl. Inside the nozzle can be heated to 60 degrees, to adapt to different ambient temperature and ink viscosity.
The G series of digital machine in the development, testing stage has been a lot of industry veteran users affirmed. We believe that the G series of digital machines will become a real "small batch of corrugated box printing experts" by the industry pro-Lai.
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