Inkjet printing wonderful development led to the printing industry changes
With the rapid development of inkjet printing, the printing industry has been more widely used, the pace of progress is constantly growing.
The breakthrough in inkjet imaging technology will be an important milestone in the printing of this traditional industry with a long history of digital change. According to Pira's report, author of the global packaging, printing and paper industry, the global inkjet printing market is expected to reach $ 67.3 billion by 2017.
Inkjet printing broke the traditional analog printing process and business model, resulting in high-quality short-run printing, personalized printing, its good economy began to show charm. In terms of speed and cost, inkjet printing has a good advantage and traditional printing technology in many applications to compete, but also in the printing time can also increase the value, which is very alarming.
Inkjet printing application system
At present, large-format inkjet equipment is widely used, and the market demand is also increasing year by year trend. With the large-scale popularization of inkjet printing technology, will lead to the printing industry related to the overall form of reform, this change will also be mapped to the publishing industry, packaging, personalized products and other industries.
Packaging industry: the use of UV ink inkjet printing, media for a very wide range, can be commonly used in packaging, labels, paper directly on the paper jet imaging. With variable data processing software and security, monitoring code technology, can provide a wider range of value-added services.
Personalized products: With inkjet printing technology can be applied to a wide range of media, continuous data conversion and output characteristics, in the field of personalized customization, with traditional printing technology can not match the flexibility: can customize the tiles products; direct paper printing materials , For monuments, ancient painting reproduction; not subject to length restrictions, no need to stitch the long frame output.
Inkjet printing equipment
Inkjet printing equipment, printing products, the effect of vivid, flexible production of simple conversion products, but the current equipment, supplies ink, spare parts and other high prices, today's inkjet printing (printing) equipment is mainly used in digital proofing, outdoor advertising , Signs and so on. In recent years, some production-oriented printing enterprises in order to improve their product structure, rapid response to order requirements, inkjet printing equipment has been applied to ceramic tile printing, label printing, variable data publishing and other large-scale printing production areas.
The magic of inkjet printing lies in the "non-contact", so it can be without any material restrictions, can be in the wood, glass, crystal, metal plate, floor tiles, tiles, CD, acrylic, plexiglass, EVA.KT board , Leather, silicone, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, cloth, stickers, stone and other surface color photo printing, which also produced a concept - generalized printing. Generalized printing - in addition to air and water, can achieve a variety of materials printing.
China's inkjet printing in this area is constantly moving forward, the future, China's inkjet printing development speed will accelerate, the market has great potential. According to Pira International "global market forecast: the future of inkjet printing" is expected by 2015, China's inkjet printing equipment market size will reach 8.66 billion yuan.
In the future, inkjet printing will continue to expand the field, its environmental protection and application will also be a big development. As a production equipment, inkjet printing equipment efficiency, cost, variability are its broad application of space elements, but these also need complex modern industrial technology to do support.
This shows that China's printing industry into a part of the development of the market, but also the need for national policy support and equipment manufacturers to work together.
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